Glimpsing Friendship

She stopped by school on Friday with a gift. So thoughtful. So timely.

It’s been a hard season of adjusting to a new work schedule, and with that the lack of time for much else. Like friends. In fact, in the scheme of deciding to return to work, the friend-time factor was high on the list.

I’m grateful to be working with friends this year.

Add to that the seasons that our friendships cycle through. There has been a lot of moving in and out of those both physically and life stages-ly. I have been blessed with good friends throughout life, even during the dry times, but choosing to love deeply means feeling deeply when seasons and demographics change.

There are friends that I miss and will miss so much maybe reading this now. You know exactly who you are. I miss that season of closeness we shared! YOU are a gift.

That’s why last night was a gift, as well. Time to hang out with my friend in her peaceful home catching up, sharing hearts, being encouraged, processing the muck, and praying for each other. I am so thankful for her and for others who have shared with me the gift of their friendship.


Today I am grateful for the goodness of friendship in whatever form for however long in whatever season. 

1 thought on “Glimpsing Friendship

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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