Glimpsing Brilliant Beauty

It’s part of the community experience, I guess. Beauty glimpsed from my bedroom window each late October/early November marking another change of the seasons.

It comes when I am not watching for it.

Sitting in my cozy corner, writing in a journal, or these days typing on a laptop, a brilliant burning glow catches my eye, and there it is. The leaves of Melody and Tina’s tree have changed, inviting me to contemplate the passing of another fall.

It happens in late autumn, when I almost panic wondering if I’ve mindlessly missed the perfect color-change moment.

It’s taken several years for me to embrace the constancy of this change. The rhythm that I can count on of feeling whatever it is I need to feel about fall. There is much inside yet to be felt about this season that I call my favorite. Literally and figuratively.

It reminds me that there is still much to process, but in the midst of the process, I can stop and enjoy the moment of brilliant beauty bursting through the window just for me.

I am grateful for this glimpse of brilliant goodness. Thank you for sharing it with me, Melody and Tina!

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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