Glimpsing a Different Perspective…guest blogger*

What  was the evening like?

I could say the evening started with a fight, but it was probably just one battle within the midst of a strife filled getting home and dinner time.  This particular volley was over our ten year old being angry because I told him “No” about using his Ipod to do his BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) homework and to use a regular Bible.  He ended up not going to BSF (as an act of defiance), and with us to the recital.

What was the recital like?

It was in a church.  The acoustics were great, because everything was WOOD – the floors, the pews, the ceiling.  The recital started.  It was drop-dead quiet as our friend began playing beautiful marimba music.

Our five year old was down at the end of our row, sitting on the big heavy wooden pew, a bow tied glasses wearing professor directly in front of her.  Our eight year old was doing fine next to me, but I’m feeling every movement of the five year old at the end of the pew.  My peripheral vision catches every flip of her big head of curly hair.

The music is amazing, but the church and audience is so quiet.  CLUNK.  There goes my five year old’s baby doll on the pew as she adjusts its sitting position.

I realize I can’t enjoy the moment of the beauty of the music.  I’m here to support our friend up on the stage, but I’m on high alert, hoping my child will JUST SIT STILL!

Then, the loud sound of something hard and marble like hitting the wooden floor from behind us in the back of the room, and beginning to roll down the slanted floor toward the front.  Though the sound came from where we allowed our ten year old to sit, I imagine that someone else must have dropped it, the thing that is rolling…rolling.

Now it has passed us and continues on towards the stage.

Now I remember our ten year old stuffing his pockets with Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers while still in the car.  Finally the rolling stops, but maybe it was somebody else.  (When the concert is over, and I see him down on the floor looking under pews, I have to admit to myself, Yes, it was my child – and they were recording!)

This is our life.  Always on.  Always on high stress level.

And we’re supposed to be content to drink tea after the kids are in bed?

*post by guest blogger Luvvah who I am grateful to have by my side on this crazy journey. Pour the wine!

3 thoughts on “Glimpsing a Different Perspective…guest blogger*

  1. Julie

    Yes it is! When we got home, I wrote a post and he journaled and read it to me, and I said you HAVE to guest post on the blog. C’est la vie!

  2. blessedmom

    My first impression was you were out alone, basking in the beauty of your surroundings. Ah….perception! And now PERSPECTIVE….arghhh!!!! I was really laughing out loud at the guest blog post…especially the rolling down the slanted floor to the front part.


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