Glimpsing a Bargain

He has had his eye on this carpet at Costco for a season. There was one left. We went to check it out yesterday.

We do not live lavishly with fine decor. We make do with what we have and look for deals on what we would like. We have lots of stories of provision and getting great things second, third, and fourth hand. In fact, our living room furniture is This End Up circa late 80’s.

I remember watching movies with Steve on this couch in his parents’ basement.

Yes, we still are living with hand-me-down stuff. And that’s okay, because it’s stuff.

We really should take a look to see if the carpet is still there. 

After cleaning and taking care of some school business, we stopped to see. Sure enough, there was the lone carpet roll that Steve and son began wrestling off of its shelf and on to a cart.

Wait. There’s a white spot. Do you see that? What is it? Can you brush it off?

A plaster-y looking white spot adhered to a place on the carpet. It wouldn’t brush off. It kind of clumped.

Steve found a manager. We got $50 off of the price. It looks great in our living room. The spot is close to the couch, behind the coffee table. We will try to remove it. It will remind us of grace and receiving good things that we actually like. New.

I am grateful for this beautiful new carpet, for the discount we received, and for a husband who hears my longings and tries to help some of them come true!

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