Gift and Thrift Find

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I was happy to find a Little People House at Gift and Thrift yesterday (meaning sometime in 2007), sans people or accessories. I have been looking for a house, but I debated on whether to get this one without all of the pieces. The $1.50 price tag and built in bathroom and kitchen accessories cinched the deal for me. You can see Kirkle helping the king use the Little People potty seat in the top right picture. That was probably $1.50 worth of play time right there!

The “thrift store/ yard sale” rule in our house goes something like, “We only buy things that go with things that we already have.” We have LOTS of Little People toys. Now they have a house. I’m watching eBay and yard sales and thrift stores for some more furniture to collect for the little house. Our Little People will just have to do what the big people in this house do…be content with the necessities for now and add more furniture and accessories as they become available and money permits!

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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