Getting Gotten

Sometimes we just want to get gotten. To have someone see us, really see, and understand. Not a trained smile and nod and response but an intuitive heart smile and baffled look and no words because they just understand.

Sometimes that’s what we want.

Sometimes we just want to get it. To be able to see, really see, how the mess of life will somehow all come together. Not in a theoretical way but an experiential way where we witness an aha! moment or two and understand, even for an instant, that there is hope and purpose in this really big picture.

Sometimes that’s what we want.

Sometimes we just want to get on with it. To skip past the hurting, tiresome, transitional mess to the rest on the other side. Three days, three weeks, three months, three years, however long the hard stuff lasts, or however long we think it will last, it’s hard to find rest in the midst of it.

Sometimes we can’t remember that we are already gotten and that’s all that we need.





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