From the Compost Pile ~ Remembering

9/11 Remembrance Day.

I stood in front of my small class today, doing opening exercises, going through our morning routine, discussing the date. September 11, 2013. Mine is a multi-age, multi-level classroom, and none of the children were even alive on September 11, 2001.

Why is today 9/11 Remembrance Day? What are we remembering?

I look at my partner teacher and ask her what she remembers.

She remembers that she was in 4th grade, in the very classroom where we now teach together, and that Good Shepherd closed early that day. She remembers going home and watching events unfold on TV.

I remember being her teacher. I remember grabbing a quick break while Mr. McClay taught Bible to my class and being informed by another teacher that something was awry. We were standing outside on a brilliantly beautiful fall day, a chill entering our souls.

I remember that my oldest child was 8 and my baby was almost 3.

I remember I had a roomful of students to teach, and we had sentences to diagram and spelling words to review. I remember being in my own little classroom bubble as events continued to unfold.

Twelve years ago technology was not what it is today. I had no cell phone. No internet.

I remember a memo from the office.

I remember wondering what our world was coming to.

Today I looked at my students and told them that they represented the hope we have for a future. None of them were born, yet, but each of them was planned by God for a purpose.

While we spoke in veiled, age-appropriate terms about Remembrance Day, those who were old enough to understand got it, and those who weren’t…well…

As I took the final comment from the raised hand of a first grader, my heart had to smile.

My mommy and I went to a PURSE party! 

All innocence, and earnestness, and importance, as it should be for one so young.

As we remember.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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