From the Compost Pile ~ Brown Box

This little brown box has been hiding out for years, just waiting to be rediscovered. It happened two weeks ago.

My son was poking around in my office at school and needed to get something that had fallen behind the desk. As he contorted into a reaching position, he called, Mom! I found something! What is it?

It was a plastic box covered in thick dust, further disguised by dust bunnies. I grabbed a cleaning wipe before taking it from him, and proceeded to turn the dust to mud before wiping it clean, revealing the box’s true color…brown.

I opened it and had to smile, then laugh, then take a minute to marvel at the bit of kindness that had befallen me.

It was a true relic waiting for the perfect time for excavation, which was now. Now when I have several recess times a day with several students ranging from K to 5th grade. Now when I help with the P.E. teaching rotation. Now when I desperately need outside recess activity ideas.

The internet is wonderful and technology is a time saver, but nothing beats a tried and true brown plastic file box filled with 4×6 cards, each holding a neatly printed game idea. Not computer printed, but hand-printed, ready to be snatched up at a moment’s notice and taken outside to learn to play.


Yes, this was an assignment from 22 years ago when I was in college and the internet had not found it’s way into daily life, and handwriting was how words were printed, and information had to be sourced from books.

My precious.

Just hiding out waiting to be rediscovered at the perfect time.




4 thoughts on “From the Compost Pile ~ Brown Box

  1. Davene Grace

    This makes me so happy!! To think that God made the box fall off that desk so many years before and stay in that spot…waiting for THIS moment (well, two weeks ago, but you know what I mean) – it’s enough to give me goosebumps!! 🙂

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