Friendship Friday ~ YOU!

Yes, you, Dear Friend.

The one showing up on the blog when there is nothing new written. The one sending the text, offering off-blog encouragement. The one calling, checking in, and understanding that I am just downright weary. The one meeting me for dinner. The one understanding why I can’t meet right now. The one pouring grace upon grace over me and picking up unexpected slack in the week.

If you see yourself in any of this, then YOU are my Friday friend this first day of May.

If you understand the significance of lilacs. Of beauty in broken places. Of unexpected, lavish surprises and long-awaited desires fulfilled. Of a Father loving his child like she is the only one. Then you are that friend.

If you get what it means to fight forward. To battle the sabotage. To sabotage the sabotage. To rest in the mess.

If you’ve allowed me to serve you. If you’ve served me back. If you’ve loved on my children and allowed them to love you.

If you’ve gotten this far, it might be about you. And I know that you’re humble and not wanting public praise, but this is your shout-out.

So, thank you, Dear Friend.

You know who you are.

bleeding heart


2 thoughts on “Friendship Friday ~ YOU!

  1. Dad

    Thanks for sharing your inner-most thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, scary places, and redemptive hopes with so many.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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