Friendship Friday ~ Wonder Woman

I’m blessed to call her friend.

She really is a wonder, my friend Aaron, whose facebook status this past Tuesday read as follows:

When husband got home from work today, one child was happily working on Math while the other was finishing his bath. A favorite healthy meal was hot and ready on the stove and money I earned from teaching lessons was on the counter. A fresh stack of library books lay waiting in the schoolroom, (signaling I had returned the others on time,) and fresh laundry awaited him in the bedroom. Yep, I’m wearing my Wonder Woman pajamas tonight!

I love this about her, because she can bask in the whole amazing Proverbs 31 thing in the moment and savor that right now all is well. Shalom.

I love that three days later her status reads thus:

Well, my Super Woman shirt is now in a large pile of laundry upon which the stomach flu was…um, expressed. Today I will be scrubbing, washing, spraying, scouring, boiling, bleaching…CLEANING every person and thing in my house. Then that pile of laundry and I are going to a party at the Laundromat. (Its BYOBleach.) But I don’t care. I am so thankful…for healthy-again kids, an uninfected hubby, and friends who come to my door with helpful items…or at least leave them in the driveway:)

She knows that it’s not about the to-do list being checked off. That shalom shatters.
That every day will not be picture-perfect, but that there are always picture-perfect moments to be found. Sometimes they land all at once. Sometimes they have to be sought out in the mess.

She helped bring some picture-perfect Shalom into my shatter.

Rewind to last week.

I was scrolling through my facebook feed when a seemingly innocent picture set off a trigger inside of me. She understands triggers and is someone I can share mine with who will understand immediately.

I don’t have to give long explanations or qualifications or histories.

This makes her even more of a wonder.

So I texted and she replied and I shared and she later messaged about how she could help specifically.

Last week was full of many things, including the birthdays of two of my children. They were celebrated with parties, and my daughter’s party was scheduled for Saturday. I had sent out invitations and made general plans, but so much was swimming in my head, and I was overwhelmed.

I shared this overwhelm with her, and she asked how she could help. She gave me several options and choices and then listened and heard. I was struggling the most with a craft activity. That and the cake.

In the end she stopped by on Saturday with craft supplies to make dog beds for beanie-baby and boo sized dogs and a puppy cake to go with the theme of the party.

Chloe and Collie and cake

Here is the birthday girl with her Collie and puppy cake. There was also a doggy dish of cake topped with “dog food” puffs just for her.

Aaron knows this won’t fix me or make my issues disappear. She knows how hard it is to let her help. To receive. She offers anyway.

She is a wonderful woman. Thank you, Friend!

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.
Proverbs 31:25

2 thoughts on “Friendship Friday ~ Wonder Woman

  1. Aaron

    Wow. What an encouraging post. Thank you. I really appreciate the way you explained how we can bask in the shalom, when it “lands all at once” or has to be found in the mess. Exactly. I so appreciate your words. Your blog helps me grasp and hold on to truths because of your gift with words. Love you. Honored to be your friend.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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