Friendship Friday ~ Walking Dewey

Dewey misses you.

I opened this text from my husband after turning on my phone as the plane carrying me to Session 2 of Grief and Trauma training taxied to the gate in Seattle. I miss Dewey, too. Did I just say that? Dewey drives me crazy!

Dewey also helps me, and that is the part I miss. He gets me outside walking everyday at least once, often twice. He invites me to take time to be, move, and think as we choose a direction to walk and begin. As long as there are at least two bags in my pocket for picking up poop, we are good to go. We can always hit up one of the many dog-poop-bag stations around town for the bonus third that is often needed on longer walks.

Monday’s after school Dewey Walk was a reality check, of sorts. Braving the drizzly, damp late afternoon weather, still clad in work clothes with Toms on my feet, I leashed the beast and exited the house.

Wet Dewey

Thankful for a rain jacket, I pulled up the hood. Pockets stuffed with plastic bags, I walked, and walked, and walked. Dewey jingled along, stopping to sniff and root and chew, occasionally needing encouragement to keep moving.

My long, loose, flow-y around the feet, grey dress pants and Dewey’s silvery black fur quickly grew damp as we walked along. So did the Toms, though I tried my best to avoid puddles. It was definitely a rainy afternoon, the type that my weather app says I have to look forward to this weekend in Seattle.

Any ambivalence I had about wearing and packing boots disappeared. They definitely need to be on this next trip. My mind began churning and mulling over what to pack. Maybe my husband’s list idea is a good one, after all.

Dewey and I walked up and down sidewalks, around court square, past the library, and into old town. Thoughts of the upcoming weekend filled my head, pulling me into the future, as Dewey held me in the present with his rooting, stalling, and jingling.

Returning home forty-five minutes later, we were both a bit damp. A brisk skip up the porch steps and shaking out of dog fur prepared us to enter the house and the rest of the afternoon together. My head felt lighter and clearer as I reengaged my children and began dinner prep.

Along with my family, walking Dewey is something I miss while I am away. I miss our afternoon walks alone and evening walks with Steve. Walking myself just isn’t the same, though I am realizing it is equally important. With that thought in mind, maybe I will exit the bus a little sooner this morning and enjoy a longer walk to class. Maybe I will leave the house earlier and walk to the bus.

After I check the weather, of course!

Enjoy your Friday, Friends!

2 thoughts on “Friendship Friday ~ Walking Dewey

  1. Aunt Marilyn

    It is amazing what a dog brings into our lives! Enjoy Dewey. Enjoy remembering what Dewey has taught you, simply getting outside and being! Enjoy your day! I will enjoy mine! God gave today to us!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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