Friendship Friday ~ Sibling Friends

We spent our final Family Weekend at George Mason in October.

It was a fun time for the littles who got to visit their big brother’s new apartment before heading over to campus to experience inflatables, festivities, face-painting, and cotton candy.BubbaIt’s hard to believe that this was our last family weekend as Caleb prepares for graduation in May.

Darkness fell as a little tiger dashed to get her face painted before heading back to the apartment for fall chowder.little tigerWe ate together, and emotions ran high as the night wore on and cotton candy sugar rushed into little bloodstreams.

Big brother came to the rescue with games and his guitar.guitarHe taught his little sisters the song that the children’s choir would be singing the following morning at church, and then we left to spend the night with Uncle Greg and Aunt Ade.

Sunday morning we visited Providence Presbyterian Church, and Coco joined the children’s choir onstage during the traditional service, singing the song she learned the night before. Roo and Little Mae joined the group for the contemporary service that followed.

It was so sweet.

Visiting adult siblings is always bittersweet for the littles. They are so excited to see them and so sad to leave.

Caleb once put this into words for them like this, When we were little, we were always welcoming new little people into our family. You are always having to say goodbye to big people.

Pretty true statement there.

It’s another one of those sacrifice of thanksgiving things. I’m thankful for the friendships and relationships among the 8 children who call me Mom. I struggle with those friendships and relationships and overwhelmingly big places that I can’t control.

Always living in the tension.

In a week Caleb gives his senior voice recital. It is at the same Providence Presbyterian in Fairfax, so we got to see the venue and hear music in the beautiful space ahead of time.

Caleb created a Facebook Event for his recital, so if you want more information, check it out! Consider yourself invited if this is the first you have heard of it. Life in the digital age is much different than back in OUR day.

2 thoughts on “Friendship Friday ~ Sibling Friends

  1. Davene Grace

    I’m still trying to absorb the fact that this is Caleb’s last year. What did he do, finish college in two years instead of four?? 😉

    If this is really his last year, then that means four years have passed for Josiah since the days when Caleb was in Concert Choir and Josiah in Prep Choir and Caleb would give him high-fives as they passed each other. Josiah was just talking the other day about how big that made him feel when Caleb would do that. 🙂

    Caleb’s comment about the big people/little people has a lot of truth to it.


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