Friendship Friday ~ Showing Up

She showed up Tuesday evening.

Monday morning was eventful. Was it really five days ago? It feels like five months.

I dropped two girls at their loom knitting class, and drove with two remaining children to my parents’ house. Dad and I were going to enjoy tea and cake on the back patio, a day after Father’s Day date.

in the shadow

En route, my phone rang.

Can you meet us at the ER? the shaky voice on the other end asked. It was my mom.

I took a right instead of going straight and headed to the hospital.

It was the worst headache I have ever had in my LIFE!

Those are the words to listen for. Those and things like pain radiating down the neck, nausea, sensitivity to light. He hadn’t made it to fainting or seizure, yet.

Upon arrival at the hospital, I called my husband to pick up the children, so that I could go back to the treatment room. It was such comfort when my friend, Mike, walked in to begin to question and care for Dad.

I don’t want to bother anyone or waste anyone’s time.

It’s never a waste of time to check out unusual symptoms. Especially when one who knows you well says, Something is not right.

I’m glad Mom trusted her instincts.

A few headache screening questions, an explanation of procedures, and Dad was wheeled out of the room for a CT scan.

Can we pray? Asked Mom.


I remember praying for something to show on the scan if there was blood on the brain. I prayed that the doctors would know and that there wouldn’t have to be a further spinal tap to explore the source of or reason for the intense headache.

Dad was returned to us, and we laughed over things and waited.

The doctor’s urgency changed the atmosphere in the room.

Mr. K, there is blood on your brain. Something burst, and we need to air lift you to UVA Medical Center where they are equipped to care for such emergencies. This could get bad really fast.

A whirlwind of activity began as IV lines were started, further questions asked, preparation for air transfer made.

Oh my. There really WAS something to that headache.

A balloon feeling like it burst in your head is something.

By noon, Dad was being flown an hour away over the mountain.

Mom and I returned to her house to gather last-minute items and tie up loose ends. My brother and sister-in-law headed over to the medical center immediately.


Thus began a long week of questions, procedures, recovery.

My dad had a best-case-scenario brain bleed.

This means, it was a vein, not artery, that burst, and he still has his faculties about him. No further indicators of danger were discovered, but he was hospitalized for observation until his follow-up procedure today.

Hopefully he will be discharged tomorrow, if all is clear.

Late Monday night, as we returned home, I knew I didn’t want Mom left home alone. My teenage son agreed to sleep over in the guest room.

Tuesday morning after dropping the girls at loom knitting class, I stopped in at Mom’s for coffee.

I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck!

I knew I didn’t want Mom driving over the mountain to the hospital alone, so I made arrangements for the kids, and we spent the afternoon with Dad in his new room. I was mentally processing the week and what it looked like to care for both my mom and family throughout this ordeal.

I just got a text from Linda. She is coming to stay with me and is three hours away!

Not, She will try to come, if she can. 

or If I want her to, she will come.

But She is on her way. 

When someone lives nine hours away, three hours is practically there!

She is almost here.

I might have cried tears of relief and comfort.

When I returned Mom to her home Tuesday evening, Linda was waiting for her there. I left Mom in capable hands and comforting heart, and returned home to my family.


Thank you, Mrs. VG for showing up. Thank you for your kindness to my mom and dad and for your enduring friendship over the years. Just thank you. You are loved and appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Friendship Friday ~ Showing Up

  1. Stephanie

    She truly is a heart friend! I’m so thankful she chose to come and stay with mom. And praying the test goes well today!

  2. Nick Kozel

    What a ride! I’m now hooked up to my IV just waiting to be carted to have a second angiogram to confirm all is okay. That being the case, I should be released by tomorrow.

  3. maretta

    I don’t know this woman, but I love her heart. Jumping in the car and driving 9 hours? Reading this made me weep. She is surely the hands and feet of Jesus.

  4. Davene Grace

    I was going to say what Maretta said – wow. I want to be like Linda when I grow up!

    Also, I’m SO grateful that everything has worked together to ensure a positive outcome from your dad’s experience. I’m grateful for God’s grace in all of this!

    Besides that, I’m thankful that this didn’t happen before Katie’s wedding.

    Most of all, I’m overjoyed that the treasured daddy of my treasured friend is safe and sound!

    1. mommypancis Post author

      Thank you for reminding me again of the grace that this was NOT the week of the wedding!

      Dad is now home and resting.

      Linda is a beautiful friend and example of loving like Jesus. I’m so glad that she and my mom had time to laugh and cry and not run out of things to say. They are BOTH amazing and who I want to be when I grow up.

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