Friendship Friday ~ Puppy Play

Dewey’s first day with us overlapped with a visit from Wren.

My daughter and son-in-law dropped her off early, giving us time to have a few minutes of conversation about the possibility of a puppy.

If you do bring home Dewey, and he and Wren play together in the backyard, Wren may nip at him, but she is only playing. That’s how she plays with other dogs at the dog park.

I appreciated this heads up for what to expect as she went on to describe other dog behaviors. After our time together, she left with her man, and Wren hung out with us. Sometimes she was in her crate. Sometimes she was in the yard. Sometimes she was chilling around the house. Sometimes, well, that’s for another post.

We left to get Dewey and brought him home.

When we returned, there was much excitement and overwhelm with this new addition to our life. We released the puppies together in the yard to see what would come of it. Would they get along?

Dewey and Wren

Dewey and Wren

Dewey and Wren

Yes, indeed! Their time together was a total success. Much romping and tumbling and barking and nipping ensued, all in the most playful of ways.

One of my favorites to watch was the game of chase that they played in which under the picnic table was Dewey’s base.

Dewey IMG_3712

When Dewey ran under the picnic table, Wren would find a patch of shade and hang out, acting as if she couldn’t catch or get to him until Dewey came running over to be chased again.

My daughter later informed me that Wren is all about the picnic table at the dog park and can get under easily if she wants to, which made their game even cuter.

So Dewey’s first day was full, and by full, I mean, FULL. There is too much to process in a single post, so on this Friendship Friday, it is all about the puppy-cousin love. There is lots of that going on.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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