Friendship Friday ~ Prayer Partner

It’s Friday and the last full day of the LTC. Tomorrow there will be a morning session, and then I head home to re-enter life and begin processing and applying all that I learned this week.

The best part of the training had nothing to do with content and everything to do with connection. It was being paired with a prayer partner for the week after doing a relationship exercise together during Sunday night’s first training session.

S and I each were here alone and were sitting at the same table when the exercise was introduced. We partnered together. At the end of the activity, it was announced that the person we were with would be our prayer partner for the week.

It was S’s suggestion that we walk through the park and by the water each day after lunch to talk together and then pray. It’s a good thing that we exchanged phone numbers, because the first day I was waiting on the wrong floor by the wrong door. The second day I was talking too much at lunch.

Hey I am waiting for you by the front door the text message read.

By Wednesday I had figured out how to get to lunch right away, eat, connect with tablemates, and then assertively excuse myself to meet S in the correct location. We got into a good groove.

She listened to my heart and all of the concerns and fears I was having and patiently prayed. I did the same for her, and we saw God answer us. I felt so cared for by S this week. So loved. So heard.

We are both Stephen Ministers, and as such do a lot of listening to others. I think we were both encouraged by having someone listen to us. Our after lunch walk and prayer time became my favorite part of the day.

Today is our last walk. It is our last chance to connect like this in person and reflect over what God did for us this week.

I feel grateful and blessed that God brought S and I together to walk alongside of each other through training.

I will miss you, S! Many blessings as you return home to serve. Thank you for serving me this week and for being love with skin on to me!

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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