Friendship Friday ~ My Best One

I love this man!

I’m blessed to be married to my first love, my high school sweetheart, my best friend.

The gift of together is not one I take for granted. Most crazy, messy stories like ours don’t have happy endings. Our journey together is one of grace.

And friendship.

I remember that boy getting off of the bus each day and trying to get him to look at me when I said, Good Morning!

I remember catching his eye in class to try to get him to smile at me. And to blush.

I remember French class with our teacher’s comment, Vhat ees appening? when we would be disruptive.

We have always been a disruptive combination. Is it any surprise that we live a disruptive life?

I’m thankful for times to get away together, doing nothing at all other than just being and remembering that we are friends and lovers and that our life together is a good gift.

poolside dining

That, and eating salad from Whole Foods and drinking wine from plastic cups poolside.

For him I will drink from a plastic cup. Because I still don’t do well with breaking the rules.


I’m thankful for an unexpected week together here at home to hang out and survey the damage of the past year and to dig in and sort through and tear down.

tearing down

I love you, Best Friend!


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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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