Friendship Friday ~ Journey Together

We met in the fall of ’13. God led us to Michigan. Two struggling souls 1,000 miles apart, longing to make sense of their stories.

Our first interaction was to trace each other’s body outline onto a piece of long paper that would then be hung on the wall of our My Journey Continues group room and pored over for a week.

Where do you feel shame in your body? What color is it? What did that responsibility feel like to you? I’m curious about why there is no mouth on your person?

(Ok. That last one was made up by me. No one actually said that to me, but I was disturbed by the fact that my curly black hair, blue eyes, symmetrical ears, and cute nose appeared without second thought, but I could not seem to be able to draw my mouth. Interesting.)

So there we were, taking turns lying down, trying to relax in this very vulnerable state, trying not to violate each other’s dignity with markers, trying to breathe. She was very kind.

That week she spoke words of grace and truth to me. During one particular group session when I was becoming increasingly overwhelmed, she offered words of freedom. They were what I needed to hear in the moment, and I was able to be present.

We laughed together.

We cried together.

We danced together.

The week ended.

We stayed in touch.

Through texting and phonecalls and facebook and letters, our long-distance relationship continued. There were moments of hard and moments of laughter. There were words of encouragement and sharing of grief.

There were surprise cards and a precious gift. There was her beautiful heart.

She says she is Just Plain Beck.

I beg to differ.

I think she is Uniquely Beautiful Rebecca with a warrior-princess’s heart of gold and a gentle maiden’s tongue of truth.

So this week, when Monday came to an end, and I saw a real-live, lumpy letter addressed to ME on the table with a familiar return address label, I eagerly opened it.

Tears filled my eyes as I read the hand-written words and removed the stamped bracelet she had chosen for me to always remember that I am not alone on this journey. She has a bracelet just like it.

She is a total sweetheart.

I love you Uniquely Beautiful Rebecca. Your friendship is a precious gift. YOU are a precious gift. THANK YOU for this precious gift. I wear it every day.

Because I am a goober like that.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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