Friendship Friday ~ God DOES That

We met eight years ago through our husbands.

Eight years ago our lives looked much different. I’m guessing hers more than mine, simply because I have ALWAYS had lots of children. Back then, she didn’t have any, yet.

Too many. None.

Pretty much that’s where our connection first began. Something about how God can use different means to do the exact same thing in people’s lives. He was sure working in both of ours when He decided to merge our paths.

This picture was taken two years after we met and about six months before her baby boy came along. Ann Marie is holding my youngest child, Little Mae, at a church retreat.

She was getting Ann Marie’s mama arms ready!

We joked after the fact. But not just mama arms. Mama patience with the unexpected, as one Sunday between services, Little Mae did a mustardy diaper explosion all over Ann Marie’s white capris.

Oh yeah, it was a Sunday when she was playing piano on worship team. Thankfully, she lived close enough to go home and change.


Fast-forward through seasons of kids over for drum lessons with her husband, dinner together for Steve’s birthday one year (thanks for cooking!), the arrival of her baby boy, my older kids growing into adults, random meals prepared and dropped off at random times, and countless other supports and kindnesses.

This past week has been an especially meaningful one in the life of our friendship.

Last Saturday, her entire family came to dinner. This was a big deal for me, because it ended a dry spell in the hospitality department. We invited them to be there at 5, and by 6 we were sitting down to eat.

I am so thankful for grace!

The kids played together and roughhoused, and we laughed at how our kids grow us. Some people need eight kids to grow. Others can do it with one.

It’s not about the numbers. It’s about the growth.

That was fun.

But there’s more.

Wednesday was Community Worship for worship team. In theory, all team members join together for the first hour to sing and pray together.

In theory.

I haven’t been to a Community night for months, and I have never been on team with Ann Marie.

We arrived at the same time.

Wow! This is great! You are here for Community Worship? 

*insert yada-yada-yada community worship banter here*

So there we were, practicing a song together, me thinking I am the only one not on team that night (there was one other).

To end the evening of community, we spent time as a group in prayer, offering up our requests directly, and then having someone join in agreement to pray for them.

She prayed for me.

I love my friend.

Who orchestrates stuff like that? It couldn’t have been planned by us if we tried. You don’t even want to know the craziness that is both of our lives right now!

God DOES that!

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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