Friendship Friday ~ Fetching Dewey

Sometimes I get home from school before my children. Today was not one of those times, but last Friday was. If you follow the blog, you might recall that it was the day of the first bus ride.

I arrived to a quiet house, well, quiet except for a puppy who was ready to get out of his crate and play. I let him out, and we headed to the back yard together.

When Dewey was new to us, I began working with him on fetch! Chloe joined in, and it became a team effort. One of us would throw the ball and say fetch! He would run to it, look proudly back at us, and occasionally return it for a treat or tummy rubs.

Sometimes he would miss the ball completely, distracted by a car, or an itch, or another dog, or cat.

Last Friday, I picked up a multicolored ball and tossed it. Dewey, Fetch!

Dewey Fetch

He did!

Bounding to the ball, he picked it up and ran back to me, dropping it at my feet for tummy rubs and another turn.

I threw it again. Several times. We played together there in the yard waiting for his girl to get home. Each time he expertly returned the ball to me, basking in praise and my occasional laughter. And, of course, tummy rubs.

It was sweet, that backyard playtime with Dewey. Not all of our moments together are.

I was grateful for his cooperation with my invitation to play. We had a fetching time.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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