Friendship Friday ~ Dreaming into Reality

We’ve sung together on worship team on and off over the years. She is a soprano, I am an alto, so on occasion we are scheduled for the same week.

I’ve mentioned before that one of the things I love about the way our worship team works is that there are so many of us rotating through, that it’s never the same team twice. I love that.

Several years ago, we had a season of intentional friendship where we were able to spend quality face-time together almost weekly. I was an at-home mom then, and my baby was in preschool three days a week. One of those days, we spent time processing through life and praying.

It was sweet. It was painful. It was real. Her house was quiet, clean, and peaceful. I loved that.

Sometimes we would sing. I hauled the djembe over, and she sat at the keyboard, and we worshiped.

One day she played one of her songs for me. Her song, as in, an original written by her. 

It was beautiful.

She shared the story behind it, then shared another, then pulled out a folder of hand-written music going back to once upon a time in her story.

So many songs.

So much music.

So much beauty.

So much truth.

I knew I was standing on holy ground listening to the treasure that was in her heart, released through the baby-grand piano keys and her Karen-Carpenter-esque voice. Such a gift.

We talked and processed and dreamed. It was such a sweet, sweet season.

I returned to work last fall.

I knew things would change. I didn’t want things to change.

I wish I had faced the change head-on with honesty and integrity, instead of half-way hoping that I could keep things from changing.

Because they changed.

No longer could we meet weekly or every-other week. No longer was there time to see each other face-to-face. One day she came to my workplace with a gift.

I felt loved.

The book A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman was an encouragement to my heart, and to hers, with its challenge to Uncover the Art You Were Born to Make.

She certainly uncovered hers!

She called in the spring with news of how her art was progressing. She had made local music connections and was working on national ones. She had plans to travel to Nashville to record a CD of her songs. I was working full-time and planning a wedding.

I was thrilled!

Though our friendship had become one of phonecalls and random texts, I was no less excited. We reminded each other of truth over the phone and prayed for one another.

Live, in-person friend time happened on Monday over coffee (and tea!). We caught up on what God was doing with her music, and afterwards I got to sneak a listen in her car.

In five weeks, Beth Matthew launches her debut album. You can get the latest news by checking her out on Facebook and liking her page. Do. Like her page.

You will be blessed.

I have certainly been blessed by her friendship.

Beth Matthew is the real deal.

I love you, Friend! Congratulations on moving past the wishing!

2 thoughts on “Friendship Friday ~ Dreaming into Reality

  1. bethmatthew

    Julie, I thank you for your words of encouragement all along the way. Having you as my friend is a gift that I treasure! Of course, I cried happy tears when I read your post. Thank you for using your God-given gifts of writing and encouragement to bless me! Look for your name in ‘Special Thanks’ inside my CD cover! Love you!

    1. mommypancis Post author

      I love you, too, Friend, and the way God has woven our paths together during this season. I am excited to see what he will continue to do in and through you and your music. What an adventure!


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