Friendship Friday ~ Decorating

Continuing with friendship and the wedding theme, I am blessed with amazing friends, some of whom I get to call sister. Deanna is one of these friends.

She married my brother lots of years ago after lots of years together. I remember telling her that no matter what ended up happening with them, would always love her, and we would always be friends.

I’m so glad that they ended up together and that we grew into sisterhood. She is an amazing woman with a heart for God and her family.

She has an amazing eye for decorating, too.

That is what we are going to talk about today. How she stepped up to help with flowers and decorations for the wedding and reception.oreo popsThere was a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on while I was spending my last week working.

wedding flowers

Armed with Coke bottles, flowers, various candles and holders, special fabric, and Oreo pops, I’m sure that I don’t even know everything that she did to make the reception beautiful. All I know is that one of my friends commented on walking into the Elks Lodge and thinking, This is really beautiful.

I don’t think that was an easy task.


While I know she didn’t do it alone, and that there were others helping, I do know that she stepped up and stepped in to a lot that week, and the wedding was even more wonderful because of her.

Ok, maybe the hibiscus helped, too.


Juuuuust kidding! I appreciate being made to feel useful in some way.

Thank you, Deanna! For everything.tablescape

This is the small corner that I did and is how I feel about


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