Friendship Friday ~ Cooking Day

Wednesday was cooking day.

I spent the day in the kitchen cooking and baking and preparing food.

All day.

Except for the trip to the library with the little girls and that one to the store for missing ingredients and the drive to drop off the food that I prepared and then back to deliver the tortillas that were forgotten in the fridge.

Confused, yet?

I signed up to take a meal to a friend who was having surgery that day. Note: It was NOT Dave in the picture above but a different friend. Just to squelch any rumors or misunderstandings, since Dave has had enough health trauma and drama without me further muddying the waters with a poorly worded blog that mentions surgery! Keep reading . . .

It was the only open slot that I could take, sandwiched in the craziness that is our summer. It helped that there were no dietary restrictions, and that my burrito filling recipe is pretty delicious. I would just fix an extra pan for our family and dinner was ready.

I also make delicious chocolate chip cookies. Comfort food at its finest. I would whip up a double batch of those.

While preparing the burrito filling, I was prompted in my heart to check on the Shank’s meal schedule to see who was bringing them food that evening.

No one.

The spot was empty.

Wheels began to turn in my head. I could make up more burritos. Scanning the schedule, there had been several Mexican-style meals and more to come. Burritos didn’t seem a good fit.

I’ll just text and ask.

I texted Heather, asking what her family was in the mood for that evening. She said she would get back to me.

Chicken nuggets. Corn on the cob. Macaroni and cheese. It was a comfort food kind of day. And could we stay and eat with them?

That worked!

I got right on the order, hitting up the store for chicken tender strips to bread with gluten-free flour and crushed gluten-free cereal and bake. The girls helped me shuck 20 ears of corn at Sharp Shopper, where they were 4/$1. I used my super-secret Kraft recipe for the mac and cheese (no need for gluten free as a treat, per request) and threw a pan of peas into the mix for good measure. And color.

It’s a good thing I doubled the cookie recipe! Those weren’t gluten-free, either, but oh so comforting after dinner with a hot cup of coffee. There was somewhat of a stampede in our direction when the cookies came out!


We set out to take supper to and eat with our friends. As seven foil pans of food were carried to the van, memories of caring for each other during our childbearing years flooded my mind. How many meals had we prepared after babies came? How many times had our families gotten together with the craziness of littles underfoot?

Those littles have grown. These are our youngest now! They are eating at their OWN tables.



Big kids playing a game together. Were these really our babies?


It was a wonderful evening of friends, laughter in the face of tears, and delightful conversation.

Sometimes you just need a Cooking Day.

4 thoughts on “Friendship Friday ~ Cooking Day

  1. Ginger Wallace

    I am so thankful for your family–for you guys BEING family to my family. It makes my heart glad to see them so well taken care of by your family 🙂 Thanks, Julie!

  2. Davene Grace

    I loved reading this, and especially loved seeing the pictures. Impromptu dinners with friends are the best! (And I got to have one tonight with the Myers family!!) 🙂

    I’m looking forward to having dinner – impromptu or not! – with YOU! 🙂

    You have ministered to my soul with food on various occasions; in fact, I may have had your burritos! I appreciate your example of reaching beyond yourself and caring for others, even when you could so easily say that your schedule was full enough.

    Love you, friend!!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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