Friendship Friday ~ BFF

We met in high school. I was new and had just moved. She was kind to me.

When I was mean to my sister, she called me on it.

Why are you so mean to Debbie?

I shared that story with my VBS kids this week. How I was a bully and mean to my little brothers and sisters, and ESPECIALLY my sister who was two years younger and one of the first friends God gave me. How I had a friend who was willing to speak truth to me, and how that helped me to begin to open to kindness.

Thank you, Friend!

Seasons changed, moves happened, life went on, and it wasn’t always easy to stay connected, but somehow we did. We were friends back in the olden days before the internet and cell phones and smart phones and facebook.

I was in her wedding. That was twenty-four years ago this week. She was in mine a year and a half later.

We had babies together. We wrestled through conversations while wrestling small children. Our kids grew up and were in each other’s weddings. We still have a little one (her) or four (me) that we are mothering.

She paved the grandmother path for me. I am not there, yet. She is many times over, now. It’s a beautiful sight.

She texted this week to see if I was free for coffee Tuesday afternoon. I am always free for coffee with her.

She arrived a few minutes early with a bouquet of flowers from her garden and a bag of produce from the same, and I started the coffee pot. We found a rare quiet place in my house and talked and caught up on life.

We can always jump right in to the deep end of the conversation pool. I love that.

She left too soon, because it’s a drive, and she has family to care for, but it was such a happy thing for my heart that we were able to spend time together.

When I cooked up that spaghetti squash and made cucumber salad, I thought of my amazing gardening friend with thankfulness. When I walked out to look at the moonflower that grew under the tree that was given to me as a sapling by the same friend, my heart filled with gratitude.

tree of friendship

Thank you for your life-long friendship, Mary. It is a gift, and I love you.


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