Friendship Friday ~ Bear

I need to talk to someone who gets it right away. Someone who doesn’t need a back story or qualifications. Who will understand if my language slips into the vernacular.

I dial the phone.

Not knowing if she will even be available at this hour of night due to the fullness of her own life, I prepare myself to leave a voice mail followed by a text.

She answers.

I launch into where my heart is in the moment. She listens, laughs, lets me cry, rephrases what I am trying to say using carefully chosen gospel heart-words.

I’m sure she also secretly jots me down at the top of her prayer list.

I love my sister. I love her heart. I am so grateful for her presence in my life. She is the Little Mae to my Coco and Roo. I try to tell them that they will appreciate the caring questions and curiosity of their little sister one day.

Right now they just find her a chatterbox and soooo annoying!

Thank you for hearing my heart, Sweet Share-Bear. I love you so much. The laughter and tears were the best therapy.

I’ve taken the liberty of revising a little poem of mine just for you. Enjoy!

No choice in the matter, same mom and same dad
And that made us sisters through good times and bad.

But God had a greater, more special, design
When the course of our lives he charted through time.

For our of the duties of sisters grew friends
Whose love would endure life’s twists, turns, and bends.

And not just endure but would blossom and flourish
With special times taken our friendship to nourish.

Our time on the phone was just one such reminder
Of how we have learned how to love and be kinder.

I’m grateful for you, I hope you always know
To the top of my prayer list is where you will go.

2 thoughts on “Friendship Friday ~ Bear

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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