Friendship Friday ~ Aunt Marilyn

Two words come to mind when I think of Aunt Marilyn. Special and Fun!

There is also a phrase. I need a nap!

Her joy, exuberance, and love for Jesus and life overflow when you experience her. Because Aunt Marilyn is one to experience.

Growing up, there was not enough time and too much distance to experience her fully. She lived in Michigan, our family lived in Maryland. There were events. There were visits. Weddings. There was Potter Park.

I remember a visit she made from her home in Michigan to ours on Nicholson Street in Riverdale, Maryland. I was so eager for her to arrive, just knowing the visit would be full of fun and very special. I remember her words to me. I need a nap first.

She lay down on the couch and closed her eyes. I lay down on the floor just watching her sleep until my eyes slowly closed, and I, too, fell asleep. It’s funny how memories trap themselves in your mind. Make impressions.

I was a Junior Bridesmaid in her wedding to Uncle Van. Just that distinction made me feel special. I remember the commotion and stir at the rehearsal dinner when the server asked if I wanted a strawberry slushee drink. Of course I did!

Attention was drawn to my end of the table when a virgin strawberry daiquiri appeared (my adult brain is pretty sure that is what it must have been due to the responses of the grownups around me). I spent a long time pondering why that drink caused such a stir!

The following day, I walked down the aisle in my beige pantyhose and Cobbie Cuddler sandals, feeling stylish and grownup. I lasted all of a few minutes into the ceremony before queasiness set in, and my mom kindly took me out the side door to throw up in a bathroom stall.


Aunt Marilyn is the one who sent us The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes that I squirreled from my parents’ home and read to my own children. I pulled it from my girls’ bookshelf tonight to snap the pictures.

Bible Stories


Aunt Marilyn is also credited with beginning the felt Advent Tree tradition. I remember when the original came to our Nicholson Street home.


Aunt Marilyn went on to have six children of her own and to homeschool them all. For her, homeschooling was all in, as seen in these pictures of her participating in a homeschool band. I’m sure there is much more to the story!

241452_2054776250799_7253259_o 942746_10201177443421770_921234173_n

I hope she doesn’t mind that I snagged these pictures from her facebook account!

Aunt Marilyn

This picture captures perfectly her capturing of special moments. She is that aunt. Amazing.

I am grateful for how social media has allowed us to reconnect. Through facebook and the blog, I have been able to be encouraged by her and to know her better. She is one of my most faithful readers and commenters.

I love you, Aunt Marilyn, and am grateful for your friendship.


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