Friday Fun

Today I will play and be grateful for the gift.
Grateful for an adult daughter willing to love littles overnight.
Grateful for a husband who works hard every day.
Grateful for a love spanning half of our lives.
Grateful for the time we have to laugh and reconnect.
Grateful for friends to visit and enjoy.
Grateful for places where relationships are deep.
Grateful for moments when there are no guarantees.

Today I will not allow myself to be robbed of joy by
Listening to the lie that it’s not enough
Feeling discontent that others have more
Taking for granted that we are high school sweethearts who are still together and in LOVE
Dragging emotional dead weight around instead of relaxing and laughing
Disengaging from conversation
Self-protecting my heart
I will choose to enter the gift that is now with the one that I love.

Happy Friday!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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