Flying Home

The flight home from the Journey found me in a row with two friends. I had the window seat. One friend commented on how she felt closer to God while flying. It was the whole clouds and heaven and being in the sky thing.

Her statement inspired these words…

God we are closer
Do you see us up here?
Cause we want you to see us
and notice our pain.
You’ve called us to join you
In touching the broken
We want you to hear us
cause we’re broken, too.

Where did we come from?
And what has just happened?
And how do we process
The place we have been?

God will you hold us
and carry us safely?
Cause we want you to hold us
when we are in pain.
You’ve done this before us
Experienced broken
We long for your healing
To rest in your love.

I wonder what to do with all of this. Everything. It’s time to go back. God, this is in your hands.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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