Finding What’s Been Lost When You Weren’t Even Searching

Have you heard of Puffkins? I hadn’t, until 6 year old Roo came home with a library book about them and declared that she wanted Scooter the Chipmunk.

I thought it would be easy to find a retailer and pick one up as a gift, until further investigation revealed that they were discontinued. They could be purchased on Ebay. And did I mention that by then, Coco wanted Nutty the Squirrel?

Hoops were jumped through and surprises planned and Scooter and Nutty showed up on the doorstep one afternoon, much to everyone’s delight, except for Little Mae’s because she NEVER gets anything new. Until her hippo arrived.

Then Scooter went missing.

For a long time.

Last Saturday, our entire family prepared to attend a birthday party held at the Harrisonburg Children’s Museum. It was certain to be lots of fun. Not for Roo, though. It would not be fun at all, and she wasn’t going. It was just going to be stupid. Stooooopid. Like all of us.

How many times do we dig in our heels at what we need to do, even if it could be fun, because it’s not what we WANT to do at the time?

We coaxed everyone into blue cruiser and drove downtown in the rain. By everyone, I mean 3 little girls and a friend. Once Roo entered the museum and realized that it could possibly be fun, after all, she took off to play.

A few minutes later she came bounding up to me.

I found Scooter!

Sure enough, it appeared to be the familiar stuffed friend, but really?

He was with the puppets, but he’s NOT a puppet, and I remember losing him, and here he is!

We went up to the desk to ask about Scooter and explain our situation. The attendants were sure that he didn’t belong to the museum. I made sure he didn’t belong to another child there.

It was Scooter.

Found when we weren’t even searching for him.

Wasn’t that kind of God?

I wonder where I am fighting God’s leading and direction, when what He has waiting for me is a redemptive surprise? Something I lost that He desires to restore, if only I would follow where He is trying to lead me. I am going to ponder that a bit and let it roll around inside.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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