Final Friday Family Night

The countdown continues. 8 days to go until the Big Day. Next Friday will find us experiencing a different kind of Family Night as we rehearse for the wedding.

Doesn’t that sound charming? Family Night?

Our older children probably have a better idea than I of when it started and might remind me about how the good old days involved actual family activities like playing charades. Regardless of its origin, family night these days means homemade pizza, media, and movie.

As an act of intentional, big sister grace, our firstborn made a plan with her younger siblings today. She attended their 2:00 art show at school, and then took them home to start Family Night with her early. This also gave Mom and Dad some space to finish out our work day.

As another act of grace, she made the pizza. Delicious.


Garlic crust-y, cheesy goodness!

My daughter is leaving home knowing how to make Friday Night Pizza.

That feels good.

It also feels good to see everyone hunkered in the living room ready to start Nut Job. 


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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