February Goals Update

It’s a new month, and this first day of March seems a good time to post an update on the goals.

  • Spiritual ~ Maintain daily quiet time and prayer, following current Bible reading plan. Journal responses and thoughts that result from that time. Spend time in stillness. Read one faith-based book/month.

I am on track in reading, plowing through passages in Leviticus, Mark, Psalms, and Proverbs. This month I re-read Beauty and the Bitch by Jan Meyers Proett and hope to blog about it at a later date.

  • Family ~ Connect with Steve intentionally each week on a heart-level. Risk sharing something scary or overwhelming inside of me with him during that time. Connect with at least one child intentionally each week. Keep track. Make the most of one~on~one impromptu moments that arise with the children. Keep track.

I think I am connecting with Steve. I don’t know how intentionally, but it seems that I am risking the scary and overwhelming. Or maybe I’m just crying a lot. As to children, connection has been happening. Roo and I did a mother/daughter book study for 3 Wednesdays in February. We also did a coffee house together for her writer club. Kieran and I ate at Taste of Thai together after his district band concert. Coco and I had a mother/daughter shopping disaster trip that I will go ahead and count. Little Mae and I got donuts together one morning before school. Looks like my Kirk space is lacking, so I will try to meet him more intentionally this month. Also Coco. I would like to report a success next month. We shall see.

  • Social ~ Connect with at least one friend for coffee or conversation time each week. Say yes to fun. Make an effort to have people over to the house again starting with once/month. Adult kids and their guests are a bonus and not part of this number!

I have done well with grabbing coffee with friends on a few Saturday mornings. Thanks, Angela and Beth! I said yes to Brooke’s karaoke birthday party. There was lots of adult kid activity, but since they don’t count, it swings the other way, and our house guests have been of the shorter variety. I hope to have a successful adult/family interaction to report next month.

  • Physical ~ Do 20 minutes of yoga at least five times a week. Longer or more times is a bonus. Improve flexibility in my down dog. Practice presence on the mat. Consider walking Dewey as an opportunity to get exercise and fresh air and not an annoying burden built into my already full day!

Oh, Dewey. He has been giving me lots of opportunity for fresh air, and I am so glad that the sun is shining brighter and the air is warming up. Yoga is working, as I completed two sixteen-class challenges since the beginning of the year for a total of 32 classes. But who’s counting? Most mornings I am up at 5:30 and on the mat.

  • Teaching ~ Organize my teaching materials and office space. Write an encouraging note to one student/week recognizing individuality and strengths.

I wrote to one student this month. Definitely need to step that one up! I plan to double or triple up on this one from now to the end of the year. It’s a small class. My space is looking neater. Baby steps.

  • Personal Development ~ Pursue the Allender Center’s Lay Counseling Certificate. Read one book per month related to personal growth.

This is a big one. I actually applied to the Allender Center and had a phone interview. I will find out if I am accepted this month or next and then move forward from there. Application and acceptance does NOT mean that I have to go this year, but I am praying for it to be clear how I should proceed. My personal growth book was 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller.

  • Ministry ~ Attend Stephen Ministry meetings regularly. Participate actively. Return to worship team rotation at least once per cycle.

I attended both Stephen Ministry meetings in February and heard great teaching from our leaders. I have been meeting regularly with my care receivers to both encourage and BE encouraged. It is so, so sweet. I will be singing on worship team this Sunday for this cycle.

  • Financial ~ Take intentional time with Steve to go over the family finances and budget and grow in understanding of our financial goals together.

This could use work, but I at least entered some receipts into the budgeting plan and was aware of how much money was in the categories that I needed to spend from.

  • Writing ~ Schedule intentional time each week to write and work on the blog. Submit one Red Tent post for consideration each month.

February’s Red Tent post was my most widely read and shared. March’s post has been submitted for consideration. I published eight posts on my own blog. I am still trying to find that intentional time to write and work, but there are only so many hours in a week, and there are real-live people in my world to love. Little by little.

If you made it this far, wow! Thanks. Here’s a little reward for your effort. It’s a reminder of what really matters, especially on a day like today. Do take five minutes to listen and reflect. Blessings!

5 thoughts on “February Goals Update

  1. Sevender Roy

    Hooray!! I loved reading your goal updates. Motivating me to at least think about confronting my progress. . . or lack thereof 😛 I had a panic moment last week where I realized I needed to hurry up and accomplish the things I thought I had a whole month to finish. Thanks for being brave and sharing!

    1. Mommypancis Post author

      Thank YOU for the motivation to write down what often is just swirling through my head in a hit or miss fashion. This is also helping me deal with other issues completely unrelated to goal-setting but ultimately all knotted up together. Love you much.

  2. Davene Grace

    Wow, good for you! You’re doing great!!

    I love reading what’s on your heart and mind. Your goals are inspiring me (but not enough for me to actually write a goals post, because I’m still so much in a day-to-day survival mode that I would just be discouraged by it…but one of these days/months/years, that will change). 🙂

    1. Mommypancis Post author

      Thank you for your kind encouragement. Oh, seasons. You are definitely in the deep trenches of mothering, and yet I see you being intentional. While you may not have a goals post written, you have set the intention to view your children as individuals which is the MOST IMPORTANT goal right now. You are loving and noticing and caring for and building relationships with them. Good for you for embracing the freedom that comes from knowing yourself in this season of life. Embrace the day-to-day and the sufficiency of grace. There is a beauty in the ability to open to and rest in the now. Much love.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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