Fall Felt Far-Off

Fall has been here for over a week, but somehow October makes it real.

This month, all of those things that felt so far away will happen. Whatever those are in my life and yours.

Posting about the foul stench in my home, piqued the curiosity of some who commented and asked to see certain things or called or sent texts, so I thought I would share random fall thoughts and images over the next few days.

Today is chippooish. Yes that is a word in my house, coined by my favorite chippoo.

On a woodland walk a week or two ago, she spotted, what she thought was a wooden squirrel decoy. We crept up on it, only to find that it was real.


The tail hanging down was so odd, as it sat there waiting for us to pass. In her words, freaky. Christmas Vacation, anyone? SQUIRREL!!!!


That weekend, she made her own squirrel of pipe cleaners to grace the dining room mantle, along with acorns collected here and there. It’s all a part of the bigger picture of fall decor, but I will save that part.


My chippooish child loves all things nature.

fall blessings

To end this morning’s ramblings, is the Fall Blessings hanging, made years ago. It’s a picture holder with cut-out letters stuffed into it instead of pictures. It is on the second landing as you go up the stairs in our big old house.

If you look closely, you can see one of my bigs when she was little in one of my favorite pictures.

So on this first day of October, Friends, I wish for you blessings as we look ahead to what this month will hold.

2 thoughts on “Fall Felt Far-Off

  1. Aunt Marilyn

    I am looking forward to Fall blessings with you in this month of October! Lord, keep opening my eyes and my heart to you!

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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