Even in Eden

I wrote this on the white board in my kitchen one evening while cleaning up after dinner. Struggling with my workload and the fact that there was always so much to do, the thought came to mind that Even in Eden Adam and Eve had work. It just wasn’t fallen work. And they had perfect relationship with God. And still struggled to trust and believe Him.


Even in Eden the work was not done ~ At the close of each day with the setting of sun ~ And though life contained beauty ~ and freedom ~ and peace ~ There was still work to do ~ That would never be through ~ Even in Eden.

Even in Eden when God would appear ~ And His children could wander and talk without fear ~ And He’d come down to listen ~ and encourage ~ and bless ~ There were doubts in their head ~ About the words that He said ~ Even in Eden.

There was a hunger for more ~ a desire for truth ~ a purpose they longed to fulfill ~ And they threw down their trust ~ And they choked on the lie ~ And we live in that brokenness still.

I’m far from Eden my life is a mess ~ I’m consumed by the chaos the fear and the stress ~And I try to find beauty ~ and order ~ and joy ~ Keeping on with the call ~ Trying hard not to fall ~ Longing for Eden.

But Even in Eden ~ I’m not in Eden ~ Where are you Eden?

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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