Epiphany 2015

IMG_2842When Advent began, I passed this bookshelf in the upstairs hall and noticed three tubes perched on top of a book. Not thinking much of it, I continued on to the laundry room. They remained there throughout the season, inviting me to take a closer look one day when the clutter was more than I could handle.

I recognized the wise men from a child’s Sunday School Nativity craft. One daughter had set the  cardboard manger scene up in her room, leaving the wise men in the hall to arrive for epiphany.

IMG_2845In another part of the house, on the dining room mantle, three more kings move a bit closer to the living room where the manger scene awaits. One of the camels seems a bit hesitant, though. Could he be looking for someone who was left behind?

IMG_2846That’s better! Now everyone can continue onward to the final destination. There’s only a slight problem . . .

IMG_2847Will they be able to navigate the terrain to find the child?

Anyone for a game of Spot it! living room side table version? Go!

2 thoughts on “Epiphany 2015

  1. Aunt Marilyn

    I think I found Him! I think it is time to go spend time with Him! I think I am like the camel . . . is anyone left behind? In midst of looking forward to my own walk with Jesus, being purposeful, I do look around to see who else needs to know Jesus. Everyone “needs” Him, will they choose Him?
    Happy Epiphany! Wise men do still seek Him!

  2. Julie

    I love your watchfulness, Aunt Marilyn. Even in the Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes book that you sent us as kids for “special times with Jesus,” your heart was present looking out for us. And as I re-read my post and see the clutter blocking the stable, I ask myself what clutter is blocking me from seeing Jesus. Interesting. Love you.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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