Embracing the Introvert

It’s my final embrace of 2014. Embracing the introvert that is me.

I have known this since the mid-nineties when I first took the Myers Briggs Test using a pencil and paper and found out that I was an INTJ.

Really?! You are the same thing as (insert mutual friend/acquaintance/church leader here who I don’t seem much like at all)? That’s interesting!

The above response came from my worship pastor as we spent several hours together traveling with two others to visit and encourage church members.

Well, I took the test in my early to mid twenties which was twenty or so years ago.

Ok. No. I just wouldn’t have thought those letters for you.

He didn’t know early twenties me.

Steve took the test while finishing his undergraduate degree at EMU and was an ENTJ.

There’s a great website that gives a fairly accurate response called 16 personalities. You could try taking it again to see what you get.

Interesting. I made a mental note about this as conversation surrounding personality types continued.

Later that evening, I did just that. I located the website and took the computerized test and found that my results were INFP, a change from thinking and judging to feeling and perceiving. Encouraging Steve to take it again, he, too, changed to ENFP.

That’s not surprising. I would have guessed those personality types for both of you.

This was my pastor’s response to the updated letters I messaged him. He knows the me, the us, of the last seven or so years.

Twenty years and much work later, our hearts and feelings and skills have changed. We have grown.

We are still introvert and extrovert, though.

Are you surprised?

What are YOU?

It was helpful to read over the basic profiles given for the different aspects of the personality types and to name what can feel ambiguous. Like the need for recovery after being around people. Because I am always around people. Lots of them.

I have jokingly said Introverts shouldn’t have eight children.

I know I have exactly the right family for me.

But it’s really hard.family 2014

It’s also really fun to see what is emerging from this messy family mix of introverts and extroverts who have learned to feel more and judge less.

And now I need a nap.

5 thoughts on “Embracing the Introvert

  1. underhillmanor

    INFP/J…it is amazing how many writey people fall in this category. Also amazes me at how much we try to change ourselves to what we think we are supposed to be, rather then celebrating what is. In my 20’s I tested ENFP as I tried to distance myself as far as possible from being an awkward middle schooler with a too sad life. My J tendencies resurfaced when I gave myself permission to care about things again.

    1. mommypancis Post author

      I think Permission to Care would make a great blog post title! I love your writing and words. Thank you for taking time to share your letters and perspective. Hugs!

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