Embracing Sunday Growth

Today I sat in church listening to our worship pastor’s sermon.

We arrived late, but earlier than last week, and friends graciously scooted down the second row to make room for us.

Sitting close to the front became our strategy for worship engagement several years ago when trying to figure out what worked for the small children in our family. Sunday notebooks was another strategy, where children could take “notes” (read this as color and draw) during the preaching part of the service.

We have done battle many Sunday mornings over who would sign the attendance register or who would sit by which parent or who was looking at whom the wrong way. Usually the struggles began during Mom or Dad’s favorite worship song or scripture passage.

We have exited with an angry child in tow and have encouraged the hearts of both young and old sitting behind this. I know because they have told us. We just love watching your family on Sunday. It’s such an encouragement.

My heart has suffered discouragement.

This morning my heart was encouraged when I glanced down our row and saw three children sitting actively engaged with what was going on up front. I can say this is a first, and I had to document it discreetly.

Two children sat with pew Bibles open while a third wrote out detailed pictures and words.


I was both stunned and grateful to be given a peek into God’s work of completing the good work that He has started in my children.

6 thoughts on “Embracing Sunday Growth

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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