Embracing Mom

There’s still time left in the day!

January 17 is a special one. It’s when my wonderful mother was born.

Yes, I said wonderful.

I love my mom!

Ours has not been an easy mother/daughter journey. Maybe firstborn daughters of firstborn daughters are set up for a special kind of relationship. Meaning tumultuous.

We are growing!

I love that my mom is willing to show up and engage and love and listen and try. I love that she is still becoming the beautiful woman God created her to be. I love that she came with us on the sister trip this summer, because she is our sister in Christ.


Happy Birthday, Mom! You inspire me, and I want to be like you when I grow up!!!!


6 thoughts on “Embracing Mom

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  3. Davene Grace

    I love that first picture – such a great one of your parents! 🙂

    I also love that second picture, but it makes me have a nervous twitch a little bit because you once mentioned making me go paint something, too!!! 😉

    1. mommypancis Post author

      That’s right! But I’m happy to settle for catching up over food. As I recall, you had ideas of your own about what we could do. I can’t feel my feet now.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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