Eighteen Years

One year old baby with eyes that speak volumes
Two year old toddler who follows her mom
Three year old feet wearing little red sandals
Four year old girl holds her new brother close
Five years to kindergarten taught by Aunt Desi
Six year old girl, they say she’s like her mom
Seven with sparkly dress ups and giggles
Eight year old letol ajol, she loves to help
Nine uses birthday money to buy a doll for…her sister.
Ten and there is a new baby girl. Another comes four days before
Eleven who wears dresses, plays piano, and loves the babies so well.
Twelve is discovering who she is becoming. Bumpy and rocky turns into
Thirteen who welcomes the final baby home.
Fourteen is changing to a new school in winter
(We’re all learning and growing and it’s hard and it hurts.)
Fifteen there’s drumming and marching in line.
Sixteen is driving and I’m glad she’s still living.
(Cars and telephone poles can be replaced.)
Seventeen keeps working and finishes school.
Eighteen years and it feels like yesterday when she was just one…

Happy Birthday, Shani!


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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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