Early Morning Voting Goodness

I voted.

In lieu of leaving at 7:15 to drop my son off at school, I left at 7:15 and drove to the polling place. Grateful that the kids wanted to wait in the car, and hoping that the on-site TV interviewer would ignore me (and any fiasco that might take place involving my children during the 5 minutes that I was inside coloring black circles), I hurried to do my civic duty.

It was quick and easy. Well, all but that tricky exit door. It looked as if it should be electronic and slide open. I tried this awkwardly casual move of trying to hesitate in the right spot to make the door open automatically, before my eyes fell on a handwritten sign that said push the door.

I pushed it. Casually.

As I hurried back to assess any damage in the car, I met a dear friend who was walking up the sidewalk to cast her vote. It was so sweet to see her and say Hi and get a hug.

Life in community is full of surprises like that.

I am grateful for an early-morning friend connection. It was just what I needed to start the day off right!



2 thoughts on “Early Morning Voting Goodness

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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