Early Autumn

I bought myself a mixed media sketch book recently as my new art journal. I hope to write more about that process soon.

This month I plan to create pages and share them here on the blog. I am relying on inspiration gathered during my early morning quiet time as prompts.

This morning’s prompt came as Early Autumn when I began my reading for the day in Numbers 29-32.

Celebrate the feast of Trumpets each year on the first day of the appointed month in early autumn. Numbers 29:1. NLT

It seemed fitting, so I went with it. Here is the resulting page

I would love to know about your creative outlets and what inspires or motivates you to create. Feel free to share any thoughts, ideas, or pictures in the comments! Maybe you can engage the theme of Early Autumn in your unique way and see what transpires.

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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