Double-Digit-Day’s End

The end of this day finds me in an unexpected place.

I wrote about single-digit days here, and tried to savor the moments before this time that I knew was coming. Double digits are here and rolled in with a bang.

First, coffee with a friend. That part was relaxing as we sat in my corner and processed life.

Next, beginning the school enrollment process. That part was stressful. Enrollment started at 1, and I hit up the middle school first, only to find that we are districted for the other middle school. Even though my son managed to get enrolled at, and spent a year attending, this wrong school last year.

So. . .

I circled back to the elementary school to get another child all set up. Bingo. It worked.

Still. . .

There was much anxiety from the child who thought she would be at a certain middle school only to find that she wouldn’t.

And. . .

What to do about the child who just spent a year at the school he wasn’t supposed to attend?

So. . .

I took the anxious child to check out the new middle school without committing. We walked around and asked questions and had wonderful people help us.

We came home to day’s end with me feeling no further ahead than I was this morning.

But. . .

It will all work out and be as it is supposed to be this year.

Even if. . .

I have five children in five different schools.

This is our family, and I will embrace its uniqueness.

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