Dashing Dewey

Who left the gate open?!

These words flew from my mouth as I flew into a panic as Dewey flew out of the yard. No one heard me. How could they? Everyone was settled in the house doing afternoon media time.

Best time of the day.

I had graciously offered to take the puppy outside for a potty break so that my girl could enjoy her media time. Look what that bit of generosity got me!

My mind flew to two middle-school boys walking home from downtown and entering the backyard through the gate. I knew who left the gate open, but there was really no point in wasting valuable energy ruminating and fault-finding when there was a puppy to chase.

Dewey had lived with us for less than a week. He was still trying to figure out his world. This often involved running the length of our chain-link fence and barking at every car that drove past, followed by trying to dig out under gaps between the fence and the ground. He needed a close eye.

Adrenaline coursed through my veins as visions of a small puppy, ignorant of danger, yapping up the road, being hit by a car on my watch ran through my head. I ran faster, holding up a hand at an oncoming car while mouthing please stop! and nodding my head in the direction of an erratic mini canine blissfully darting to and fro across the street.


I ran faster, huffing and puffing and realizing how completely out of shape I am.

He paused to look back.

He paused!


This is exactly what I did NOT want to be doing with a puppy. Chasing and yelling up the road. This was not part of the plan!

Running towards me, Dewey offered a split-second chance to be scooped up, allowing me time to hail a grateful wave to the patient driver who had stopped and waited as I did the Dewey dash.

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