Composting the Fart: Edition 2

Welcome to the second version of Composting the Fart!! For those of you who  don’t know what this is, read the first one. This is a weekly (sorry for not making recent posts) compiling of all Baab’s baabishness. I’m surprised this computer hasn’t exploded yet from Baab pounding her bony tendrils on the keys of this poor thing. Well, anyways, let’s move on.

First of all, it’s almost dinnertime and you’re downstairs sitting on the couch. You hear Baab talking in the kitchen with Scoby (for those of you that don’t know, that’s Steve, Baab’s husband. We call him Scoby because he makes kombucha…. you should research it.). They’re just talking about boring adult things. You walk into the kitchen to ask what’s for dinner. Before they can answer, you immediately suggest a restaurant. They say no. Then, Baab suggests LEFTOVERS that date back to two weeks ago. Scoby agrees, and now guess what:

You’re eating warmed up pizza from last-last Friday, all thanks to BAAB.

Second, you’re in the car driving somewhere. You’re riding silently and looking at all the things outside. There’s trees, telephone wires, more trees, birbs, signs, cars, and some more trees.

You are sitting in a peaceful atmosphere…. until….. SUDDENLY…… BAAB turns on her BAABISH BEATS with the Bluetooth speaker. You are now listening to classical music and some baabish singers in between. Baab’s classical funk has taken over your peaceful atmosphere.

Finally, best for last…… It’s the first Sunday of the month, the day when you get Little Caesars pizza. You’re excited for this, and so are your siblings. Baab has decided on getting one chez pizza and one pepperoni pizza. She’s getting a Sierra Mist, too. While Baab is driving there, she is deciding on a movie to watch later.

“I want to make a list of all the (baabish) movies I want to watch.”, said Baab.

Your sister uses Baab’s phone to ‘find some movies’ as she says. She finds a list and starts reading them off. She reads about twelve of them, and each one Baab says she wants to watch or re-watch.

Your sister laughs.

“What?”, Baab asks her.

“I looked up movies for old people and I was reading off a list categorized as ‘movie list for the older generation’.”, she replies.

That’s all for now, humans! I will try to keep up with my posts, and sorry that I didn’t. What are your thoughts about Baab? Are YOU a Baab?? How many fingers am I holding up??? Anyways, thank you for reading, this is Composting the Fart!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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