Coloring Eggs

This is the first year that egg coloring hasn’t felt like a big deal.

It just happened.

Maybe it was because the three little girls who were the three babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, are now big. They can do things rather than create extra work. Or at least they can help with the extra work.

Easter egg dying

Roo helped to mix the colors in the cups that we use every year.


Each girl contentedly colored eight eggs. One even shared eggs with me, so that I could dye a few.


There was painstaking care taken to try different techniques, and nothing spilled. No one yelled. Not even when the yellow was removed from someone’s space by me and passed to a little sister, because I didn’t know that it was being used next.


Collie had to help, of course.


We improvised a drying rack.

At the end of our time, each girl had a labeled box of colored eggs for the fridge, and I had a sense of what it looks like to move forward on this mothering journey in hopefulness.

It will not always be thus. My babies are growing up!

Happy Easter!

Easter 2015

2 thoughts on “Coloring Eggs

  1. Aunt Marilyn

    How special! Sweet realizations! I have the feeling that a memory from this Easter year will be hiding and finding Easter eggs over and over again! We first hid our “Resurrection Eggs” that, once found, take you through the story of what Jesus did for us with little tokens inside each egg to help the children understand a bit more. Very interesting to do with 5 little ones . . . 14 month – 6 year olds. Then we hid the brightly colored eggs of the two youngest (14 & 15 month). Their moms had much fun coloring those eggs the day before. We also hid the pastel ones which were experimentally decorated by me in various teas. I figured if tea could stain a table cloth, it could certainly stain an egg! (It just barely did, but they weren’t white!).
    We hid the bright ones on the floor, easy to find, and the pastels in more difficult places. Finally, all eggs were found. “Let’s do it again!”. Pastels, here we go!
    After finding them again, ” Now we will hide them for you to find!”
    Cari and I enjoyed the quietness of the fireside room while the oldest two of our grand babies (almost 5 & 6) had fun hiding the eggs while the two uncles watched to try to remember where they all are! After finally finding them all we did it again . . . outside! Phew! We found them again.
    Now it is our turn to hide them! Amazing how many creative hiding places are in a backyard! The kids found them, with some help from our dog Sadie who is great at sniffing those eggs out! We should have given a basket to her! Lol!
    By the end of our time we had some pretty beat up and dirty Easter eggs. The cracked ones were easier to “squish” into tight little hiding places in some cracks in trees! Ha ha!
    To end our time outside, three adult couples (Uncle Van & I, Tim & Cari, and Jerod & April – Michelle’s good friends who joined us with their little 15 month old) had an official egg toss!. Wow! So nice to do an egg toss with hard boiled eggs. We had a wonderful time laughing and stepping farther and farther apart! Those eggs are now in the trash but fun memories are now in our hearts! Happy Easter! He is risen!

  2. Sevender Roy

    Haha, I didn’t know those were the ones we used every year! Actually, the ones WE used every year were the ceramic mugs that matched the plates. And those are all broken. So using the teacups makes sense 🙂


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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