Coffee for One

This Labor Day holiday morning is unusual as I prepare coffee for one. My husband is away with the teen girls visiting adult siblings in Richmond. I am home with a sick child and teen son who had to work. We are divided.

Instead of brewing a full pot, I take down the red single-serve coffee press, purchased the summer of ’89 to take with me to college that fall. I was inspired recently to forage through my parents’ china cabinet to see if it was still there. And it was.

This summer has been nostalgic in ways both good and hard. Mostly hard. The coffee press is good, bringing memories of preparing to leave home for the first time, albeit to a very controlled environment.

I remember wondering how I would make my necessary coffee and choosing to purchase a hot pot and this coffee maker. It bears witness to the importance of coffee to me, even then, much like this post does.

I grind beans and dump them in, boil water and pour, wait several minutes and press, transfer to a favorite mug and savor.

There is goodness and sadness. I miss my coffee friend. Slow mornings are a rarity in this season. I wish we were together in the slowness. I choose to enjoy my coffee for one as I read and write.

Grateful for a witness-bearer in vintage coffee pot form, I give thanks that it didn’t go the way of the Gucci bag. Protected from me to be found at just the right time, it now lives in safety on top of the Hoosier.

Welcome, home, Dear Friend.

4 thoughts on “Coffee for One

  1. Barbara

    Julie – I loved the coziness and the everydayness of this piece and how your newly found long ago friend brought back memories from a certain time in your life. I am a long time coffee press person! I use whole beans (organic from Aldi, Honduran), coffee grinder, and hot pot to heat the water. Only difference, I use half and half in my coffee. I’m glad you chose to keep the coffee press. I hope it brings back more good memories from that time in your life. Keep writing!!

    PS. I also have mugs with farm animals on them. Ha ha.

  2. Theresa Howard

    Julie, your ability to embrace the moment and give honor to your past is inspiring.
    Simple yet full of meaning. I think I’ll get myself a cup of coffee and see where it
    takes me.


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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