And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
Matthew 6:28-29

A big part of planning a wedding is deciding what everyone will wear. In this family that meant not only the bride but seven other siblings, a mother, and father.

The boys were easy. They got measured for tuxedos.

The bride went shopping last fall with her sister, maid of honor. They found a beautiful dress that I didn’t see on my girl until the fitting in March. It was stunning and part of the wedding budget, so it didn’t count towards our family out-of-pocket expense.

The bridesmaids wore gray dresses and yellow Toms chosen online, so daughter two had her own one size fits all adventure. She looked beautiful. She also covered her own cost being an adult and everything.

The three little sisters were junior bridesmaids and flower girl. This is where I had to become more involved, shopping and choosing clothes that would fit in our family budget as opposed to our wedding one.

Coco’s turquoise sparkly dress was an after Easter find at Belk for under $20. The shoes were a measure of grace from Target, because she has hard-to-fit feet.

Roo’s yellow dress was found, surprisingly enough, at Costco for under $30. Her shoes were a Target find.

Little Mae’s flower girl dress was discovered after Easter at Kohl’s. It was a bargain at $25. Such mercy. I had tried a dress for her from Costco, but after seeing the bride’s gown, I realized it was too bright of a white. It became Mae’s Easter dress. Her sparkly shoes were on sale at Target. 

I think we clothed our three little maids for under $120. Not bad for wedding attire.

Which leaves the Mother of the Bride. I’m sure you are just on the edge of your seat wondering where I found such a perfect dress.

Of course there is a story.

I’m recognizing this tendency in myself to put big things off in denial fashion. This happened with dress shopping for my MOB dress.

I didn’t even begin looking for one until late spring when I poked around some online stores, narrowing options and studying styles. I don’t exactly live in a fashionable city. At least that’s what I told myself. It hasn’t really stopped me from clothes shopping before.

Originally I wanted a purple gown, but my slowness and hesitancy caused me to miss the boat when the groom’s mom chose her own lovely purple dress. Time for plan B.

An over the mountain shopping day was planned with my big girls, and it was to be the day that I found the dress. This was late April, and I became so, so sick, that we had to cancel. Things were not looking good. The mother of the bride is expected to have a dress.

One day an email came from my sister across the country who had come out to visit for the shower but was unable to attend the wedding. In it were links to three different dresses.

The first link has 3 different shades of purple!
wish we could shop for a weekend!!!
i miss you and sorry to miss this precious time with you.
hugs, D

The dress in the first link was perfect. Instead of purple, I chose it in reef, and a few days later a dress arrived in the mail.

The denial thing was still going on, as it hung on the back of my bedroom door, still encased in a plastic bag, not tried on for several days. Finally, I worked up the nerve to unwrap it and pull it over my head, and it fit perfectly! The only thing needed were high heeled shoes, it was that long.

I never wear heels; my sister has amazing style with them, so I channeled her during a special shoe shopping trip with my daughter. We picked a pair of sparkly sandals.

After the purchase, Katie asked if I was okay. You just got really quiet.

I think it was the finality of it all. I had my dress, shoes, and a passable necklace (I ended up purchasing a different one the day before the wedding). It was really time for this wedding to happen.

It was even more special to me that my sister had been part of the dress and shoe selection process from afar. And for inquiring minds, the MOB was outfitted for under $250. I think she was worth it.

8 thoughts on “Clothed

    1. bethmatthew

      Julie, I can just hear you telling this story, as I read your blog! Your writing is really enjoyable to read, just like spending time with you in person is a joy. Such confidence in your writing style! So proud of you! You are a mommy blogger!

  1. Deb

    Definitely worth it!!! I think the hard part was we always made it as much about the experience of doing those things together, not just “the find”. Glad to be with you in heart over miles. D

    1. Julie

      I know. So hard to accept what “is” as enough for the season. Trying to view life though the lens of a gift rather than entitlement. So much to learn!


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