Circling the Wagons

It’s a season to circle the wagons. Some seasons are like that. I have been fighting this one, pushing it back, but I can’t anymore.

With each day, I notice more and more needs presenting right here under my roof when I have been outward-focused. It’s part of what was unhealthy about facebook for me. There was too much looking out when things inside this place got messy.

It’s part of what makes me question the blog and the purpose I have in writing it. Is it to reach out to others or to sort out my heart? Is it both? Is it necessary? Wise?

My sister shared a line with me, If you blog but you don’t post it to facebook, did you really blog?

I laughed, but it feels true.

Another bit of unhealthiness in my world.

Circling the wagons feels hard to me. I would rather hop on horseback and ride off somewhere far away.

But here is where I need to be and here is where we need to stop and circle up and figure out and trust.

Today it looks like playing Art Lotto with the kids.

Kind Readers, will you pray for my heart and for the hearts in these wagons, in this house? I plan to keep writing and sorting and processing here but in a quiet kind of way that’s not big on likes and shares.

That’s okay, because I know the one who likes me and invites me to share in his suffering. He has walked this road before me and will continue to guide my path.


6 thoughts on “Circling the Wagons

  1. Stephanie

    Girl, I so needed this today. I’ve been fighting against the need to be present and just sit on the floor with the boys while they play. I want MY time. I want to sit on the couch and waste the minutes/hours they are napping by watching a show or reading a book, and then I feel the rush of needing to get things cleaned and picked up so they need to play on their own while I do that! That leads to a stressed out mama and frustrated kids. I digress. You are loved and I will pray for you!

    1. Julie

      I hear ya! Don’t forget to grab a little mama down time. Today’s grace was letting them watch Jonah for quiet time while I slept. Not an everyday thing. A survival today thing. Love you and your words LOTS!

  2. Aaron

    I like this very much and appreciate that you still reach out to me. Please don’t stop sharing. I would like as much of you – your thoughts, words, heart, friendship – as you can healthily share. đŸ™‚

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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