Christmas Letter 2019

Dear Reader,

Christmas 2019 has come and gone, and no Christmas cards were sent. Plenty were received, and if you are one who generously kept me on your Christmas card list, thank you. It was noticed and appreciated.

This year I needed permission to not send cards. A time of much transition, it was kinder to remove the pressure and expectation. Thank you for understanding!

There were no major family events this year. No weddings, graduations, or career changes.

I say this and then realize that, in fact, yes there was something.

I started my own business!

Heart Path Story Coaching was born this year.

Like any newborn, it took time and energy away from other things, namely, writing on the blog. For those who continued to read faithfully and also noticed this, thank you.

The question of whether I have been writing is asked of me in private, and truth is, I have. I have been doing a lot of writing. Each time I respond to an email or send a letter, it’s writing. Each story I work on for personal therapy is writing. Each blog post I write for business is writing. Each story I post in my private writing group is writing.

It just has been quieter here.

I hope to be more consistent in this space in 2020. When I show up here, I love it. I love all of you who read and spur me on to keep writing. I love what Composting the Heart has been for me and hope to share more on it in 2020.

First will be my word of the year on January 1, so stay tuned!

As an added bonus for reading this far, here is a picture of Christmas Dinner festivities. We are wearing the crowns from our poppers! This is real life in our home. I am grateful!

May you finish 2019 well and find much love and peace in 2020!

Blessings to you all!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Letter 2019

  1. Barbara

    Julie – I love the pictures. The sheep scene at the top and the sweet family picture at the bottom. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – I love that you were all gathered together to celebrate this season and each other. You are a busy lady with much to say and much to offer and I’m glad that you are choosing wisely where and when to offer yourself to others. A good friend of mine has taught me to ask myself, “What does being kind to (your name) look like?” It has helped me to be cognizant that I, too, am part of the equation – not just others. I hope you will continue to care for yourself as you create beautiful spaces and beautiful memories for others – and yourself. Blessings to you in this most holy season. I feel blessed whenever I read your posts. Keep writing!

  2. Julie Post author

    Thank you for being a kind voice of love and support on my journey. Especially with writing. I appreciate your encouragement and the reminder of kindness to me. Happy New Year!!!!


Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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