Celebrating Someone Today!

I love you, Best Friend.

I’m glad you were born and that our paths crossed in high school, and that we lived out our teenage melodrama together for the rest of our lives.

That our dreams are coming true.

But this is about you and your birthday and the fact that you married me on January 4, even though it was right after Christmas, and your birthday was 6 days later.

This is about you eating the coconut cream pie that I made that first married birthday, even though it was more a frozen-ish soup.

This is about you working hard for our family from the start. Those memories come flooding back as we watch our daughter prepare to step into marriage.

This is about not being ready…ever…for what you were getting into, but choosing to love me, anyway, and getting into it with me.

This is about celebrating you and how happy I am that you were born and that we get to celebrate another year of that together.

Happy Birthday to YOU!

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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