Calico Contentment

Oh to be as Zephyr, curled up, resting in the mess, minding her own business.

Jumping up to name her needs with a meow when seized by hunger or thirst.

Patiently waiting by the front or back door, eyes on the nearest human, signaling her desire to go outside.

Welcoming to all who pass, yet holding firm boundaries as to what she will and will not tolerate from them.

Taking off for wherever she goes when she wants to go there and returning when she is ready.

Creating a nest and place to rest in the shade of the porch when the door she wants to go through is closed.

Coming out to meet her people when they return, seizing her moment.

Continuing on with her daily routine, content to be as she is even when surrounded by all she is not.

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Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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