Breakfast in Bed

It started with breakfast in bed.

Well, not really bed, but the thought was there. Two children came downstairs early on a Saturday morning, not for episode pick, but to fix breakfast for their dad who celebrates a birthday today.

A tap on our bedroom door announced the arrival of breakfast plates for both of us, not just Dad, who made the smooth move from eating in our bed to the dining room table.

IMG_2853 Roo was in charge of preparing the eggs and peeling the oranges. Kirkle made the bacon. Considering the amount of home ec that happens in this home, it was pretty impressive. It’s also interesting to see who the budding chefs are.

Roo definitely enjoys cooking and will often scramble eggs in the morning. Kirkle is the hot chocolate gourmand, preparing only the finest chocolate using milk.

We had a conversation the other day about when it was appropriate to make hot chocolate with milk and when it was not. It is not when the milk is almost gone to begin with.

We added to our plates slices of homemade Grandpa Bread toasted up just so, some slices with strawberry jam. It was a lovely way to begin Steve’s mid-range-milestone birthday.

Returning to the kitchen and finding this made the extra time I spent late last night cleaning up the dishes from family night pizza and popcorn bonanza completely worth it. It made for a clean slate for the little breakfast elves.


So this is how the birthday began. It will be interesting to see how the day unfolds.


Last night I returned to some old journals and was reading excerpts to Steve. One was from five years ago when I threw his first big party.

Twenty guests were invited for a dinner in his honor. We celebrated what God had done and was doing in Steve’s life and had a wonderful time of food and drink and laughter.

Looking over the list, seeing how life has changed since then, reminded me of how fragile relationships are and how we have to seize moments together as we can. We don’t get them back.

Some on that list have since moved on and away to a new call. Some are battling disease today. Some have entered a new season of life. Some are struggling through their current life season. One who was single at the time gave birth to her first child yesterday. All are moving, growing, changing.

But for one night, five years ago, we gathered together to celebrate the life of the man that I loved so much then and even more now.

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Thanks for heart-composting with me! I appreciate your words.

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